As an online marketing agency, one of the most common questions we get asked is “how can I improve my local search ranking?”. Ranking locally in your business’ service area is paramount to raising awareness of your company online, as well as generating enquiries locally, that really matter to your business!

There are many ways to rank online locally, especially when it comes to organic rankings. Some are easy, 10 minute jobs that you can get out the way and use to start ranking quickly. Some however, are a long-term commitment you must make to growing your business organically on the internet. Whilst this does take time, it’s 100% worth it. Online marketing is the key to your business’ success!

Here are the top ways to improve your local search rankings right now:

7 Great Local SEO Tips

Create a Google My Business listing – This is perhaps the best way to rank higher on Google Search locally, as well as actually ranking on Google Maps results! You will need to ensure your Google My Business account is optimised, with all your information added to the profile, including your location, services and contact details

List your website on online directory websites – There are many online directories such as Yell, FourSquare, Cyclex and more this allows you to get your company name, phone number and address around the web, which not only boosts your local SEO, but also generates a healthy backlink for your website

Get reviews online – Getting your clients or customers to leave positive reviews will encourage local people to buy from you. Over two thirds of users now use Google’s Local Places results to judge whether they want to enquire with a company… use this to your full advantage! Get real, authentic and good feedback from your customers

Mobile Optimisation – Mobile usage of the internet is growing exponentially. With each new year, there are more people shifting over from desktop to mobile. So you need to ensure your website is well optimised for these devices! Ensuring content is responsive, page speed is high, and it is easy to use. An online marketing agency can help you with this.

Implement Local Keyword – The keywords you are targeting should be congruent to local people! Google offers a tool called Keyword Planner which lets you filter searches based on location, so you can get an understanding of popular search terms in your area. You can also use Google Trends. Then optimise your website for these keywords!

Create content based on your local market – Publishing content thats relevant to local issues is paramount to grabbing local people’s attention. You can create videos about local causes or events, publish blog articles about current activities or news stories and more. Being a trusted source of information gives your company authority in the area.

Use Location pages – Location pages are a must if you want to rank for location names (e.g. cities, towns etc.) These pages need to tell users information such as address, opening hours, location-specific testimonials, any application promotions, and a link back to Google Maps. Ensure your content is unique/independant if you have multiple locations! No copying… If you’re struggling, our online marketing agency can help you.

As an online marketing company in Wolverhampton, these are often parts of the bigger picture that our Expert SEO team undertake.

Remember to be aware of any Google Core updates too! Don’t let the algorithm leave you behind.

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