Covid-19 has affected the digital marketing industry massively – with many companies and agencies losing out in all directions. Thankfully, this blog is here to help you. Blue Dot Marketing is a Wolverhampton-based Digital Marketing Company specialising in SEO, PPC and Social Media Advertising. Throughout the Covid Pandemic, we have adapted and improved our marketing strategies to remain competitive and successful in almost every industry.

With the pandemic came a national lockdown, which left millions of people left stranded at home, spending more time on their devices than ever before. This meant that more people were using social media, browsing content and consuming sponsored adverts… which could’ve been a good thing for marketing agencies… but it actually meant that people were developing ad fatigue way quicker than ever before.

Ad Fatigue

What is ad fatigue? Ad fatigue is when you see the same ad over and over again, to the point where you become ‘immune’ to it. It’s the same process as when you’ve seen the same TV ad, every single day, 5 times a day. After a while, it doesn’t grab your attention anymore, and you switch off from it. Remember Safestyle?

This was a prime example of ad fatigue. Not only did people become immune to the ad, they started to resent it. The same logic applies online. Once you start seeing an ad too often, it stops being an effective part of your marketing collateral. This has meant that digital agencies and businesses have had to step up their content game.

Our digital marketing agency in Wolverhampton has lots of experience helping businesses get peoples attention online and convert it into high paying, loyal and regular customers. We are now in a world where, your content really has to stand out in order to gain any traction… gone are the days where you could throw together Facebook ads in Canva with a free template and generate leads… we’re now in a world where every man, woman and dog has seen that ad 100 times over already! So it becomes a question of…

“How do I make my business stand out online?”

Truthfully – this isn’t an easy job. There is a lot of work involved in making eye catching, conversion boosting ad campaigns, let alone putting together creative which generates engagement, intrigue, and inspires users to click through and enquire. So – what’s the easiest way around this?

You need to bear in mind that, whilst organic activity (SEO and regular social media posts and stories) have certainly declined in interest online, pretty much no paid advertising avenue has decreased in usage, including PPC and Social Media Advertising. So if you want a consistent stream of leads coming into your business, you need to utilise paid media. If you are a digital marketing company with clients, you need to step up your content game!

The digital marketing industry has simultaneously grown and shrunk in a matter of months… whilst many businesses have suffered and had to cease their marketing efforts, other businesses have thrived and only increased their marketing spend and reach. It has been an interesting time for every industry, but especially for the online marketing industry. Some sectors are struggling, some are getting results never seen before.

If you are struggling to grow your business online, and can’t seem to get your online marketing right, Blue Dot Marketing are here to help! We are a marketing agency who specialise in online advertising, based locally in Wolverhampton. Contact us today for more information, advice, and for a free consultation.