What is the December 2020 core update? With every new algorithm update, the SEO world is shaken up, with countless smaller websites being struck off that all important ‘first page’ of Google, it really is important that when it comes to SEO, you are using the best online marketing agency!

Google’s latest Core update came out on 3rd December 2020, with many business owners wondering how they can claw back their precious Google rankings. Luckily there are steps you can take to recover your ranking! Long gone are the days where you could simply buy some backlinks and spam your website with the same keyword over and over… with every new Core Update, one thing is clear… QUALITY is the way forward.

As one of the best online marketing agency’s in Wolverhampton, we’ve helped many clients rank to page 1 on Google, and also reclaim their SERP rankings after a Google core update… this time is no different! Except this time I’ve decided to list some steps you can take to rank higher on Google, even after a nasty core update

If you’ve found yourself in the top 50% of websites that actually benefited from this Core Update… so if that’s you – well done! Keep producing amazing content and building quality links to your website. More than likely however, that isn’t you… so here’s what you can do:

  • Wait until the algorithm update is finished before you change your SEO strategy. Short term blips happen, so don’t panic! Wait for the storm to clear.
  • Get rid of any links to low quality, low trust and spammy websites! This includes outbound and inbound links.
  • Guest blog on authoritative websites to earn a high quality backlink
  • Create and share branded infographics with
  • Use tools such as SEMrush to identify broken backlinks and fix them!
  • Improve content relevancy and quality

If your content isn’t of high quality and high relevancy, Google will not favour your website on Google. Google will penalise you for not maintaining keyword to content relevancy.

As with every PageRank update, you must ensure that you step your quality game up! Low quality backlinks and lazy forum posts are not the way to go anymore… in fact, Google will often penalise this. So take time, built the quality of your content up overtime. Focus on serving your website users in the best possible way. Focus on your user experience. Increase the speed, accessibility, mobile friendliness and usability of your website. Maintain a phenomenal keyword to content relevancy (i.e. don’t try to get your page ranking for an irrelevant keyword). This is what an SEO agency can help you with.

And above anything else, remember don’t react! Wait until the storm’s cleared before drastically changing your SEO strategy… you never know – this could be a blip. If you’re struggling to get your website to rank on Google, use the best online marketing agency – Blue Dot Marketing. Our SEO Experts can help you rank on Google. Contact us today to find out how our Search Engine Optimisation team can help you rank your website on Google the right way, and grow your business online.